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Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities on a general surgeon’s web-page? Yes, and the reasons are deep and personal. Born and raised in Third World countries of Africa and the Caribbean where even basic medical care is not readily accessible, Dr. Fontus is acutely aware of his exceedingly good fortune to have become a medical professional in the United States. Each year he returns to Haiti to the same mission/hospital to share his surgical skills with patients who would otherwise go without the necessary care.

Indeed, throughout his adult professional life Dr. Fontus has participated in medical volunteer trips to Africa and to Asia. He feels strongly it is his obligation and his joy to be able to give back, to share the rare gifts fortune has bestowed upon him with others who have not had the same opportunities. For those like-minded and like-hearted individuals who visit his site, the following links and opportunities for fulfillment abound:

If you know of any interesting sites that should be added to this list, please send them to

Aloha Medical Mission:

Doctors Without Borders

Hands and Feet Project

Healing Hands for Haiti

International Development Network: Healthlinks

Interaction: American Council for Voluntary International Action

International Healthcare Opportunities Clearinghouse

Medical and Health Volunteering Abroad

Medical Teams International

Northwest Medical Teams

Orbis Saving Sight Worldwide

Samaritans’s Purse

VSO, Sharing Skills, Changing Lives